Friday, June 17, 2016

Teaching Japanese Papermaking

Last weekend I taught a 2 day workshop in Japanese Papermaking for beginners at Paperhouse Studio in the west end. After I put them through hard labour on Saturday I wasn't sure if they would come back for Sunday! They all came back except for one (who put her shoulder out when she was beating the fibre enthusiastically!).  Everyone had a fun, messy, sometimes frustrating Sunday of making kozo paper trying a variety of Japanese style screens (Su, sha) and frames (keta). I couldn't stay until all the papers were dry but I think there may be pics on Paperhouse Studios Instagram.

Day 1, Saturday
Cleaning the kozo fibre that Emily pre-cooked for us. Then getting our aggressions out by beating the fibre we cleaned to a pulp. We tried an assortment of beating sticks (double, single, angled, paddle shape) but I still like my two tapered sticks.

Day 2, Sunday
Time to make paper! Trying to create a wave using a small homemade keta and professionally made su. 

A post card size mini sugeta with a wet leaf ready to be couched.

Freshly pulled sheets made with an improvised su (sushi mat and mesh screen) and keta (2 matching wood frames).

Post card sized sheets laid out nicely on a felt before pressing.

Peeling up the wet sheets after pressing. Ready to be brushed onto the boards.

Brushing pressed sheets onto the blackboard and boards.

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