Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Yes. It has been a while.
So, after my trip in June I ended up taking the summer off for health reasons. Checking my e-mail was spotty than my normal spottiness! A big 'Sorry' to everyone who sent e-mails and thought that perhaps I was avoiding them...or dead. To me, computer = stress and that was one of the things I had to avoid.
Anyroad, I'm getting into gear again and have finally figured out a workshop schedule. I may add a few short workshops here and there as I find needed. For the ABCs of Letterpress though, that is it until the new year. you can find them here under the 'Workshops' tab.
I leave you with a detail of the last piece I worked on in May. It's part of a large kozo paper panel I made for a client. The darker fibre in the halos is kozo but with bits of the bark still in with the pulp. I thought it worked out well. Hopefully the client feels the same!

Kozo fibre paper panel detail.