Thursday, October 23, 2008

Photos of the Moku Hanga show and demonstrations

Opening night of "Water Wood Paper MOKUHANGA"!

The opening of the show at the Japan foundation was a success! Of course, I arrived late with the fruit platter! I had to have a hot dog or two at my daughters meet the teacher night at school before we went.
The rooms at the Japan Foundation Gallery were filled to capacity! Attendees were very impressed by the range, variety, creativity and expertise of the participating artists. And, of course, ALL the food disappeared as soon as we could get it on the table!
Kudos to printmaker, Liz Forrest who had the vision to create this show. It is an extremely unique show and it is the first time Kurosaki sensei and some of his students have shown together. Liz worked extremely hard pulling it all together, writing for grants, working out dates and a venue, pulling our committee together, communicating with Moya in Japan, hosting our guests of honour... Liz is amazing!

The following day we had a very tasty lunch at a restaurant near the Japan Foundation. Kurosaki sensei and Sato san were the guests of honour. All together there were 10 of us. I felt very privileged to be there! Kurosaki sensei told us about his beginnings in art and meeting his sensei, Sato san! They have been working together for the past 40 years. Sato san comes from a family of wood block engravers and printers. They met when they were both in their twenties!
I must thank Suzuki san from the Japan Foundation who was our wonderful host at lunch and was very attentive in translating our conversations for Sato san. ( My mind actually draws a blank when I try to speak any Japanese! Three years in Japan did nothing for my vocabulary and grammar! )

The show is up until November 15th so check it out if you can!

Our guests from Japan. Artist and "go to person in Japan" Moya Bligh, Master wood engraver Sato Keizo, artist Kurosaki Akira.

Kurosaki sensei speaking about Japanese wood block techniques and his work at York University.

Sato san demonstrating traditional printing methods. Yes, he always works at a tiny table on the floor (tatami). We had this table built just for his visit!

Hanging the show at the Japan Foundation in Toronto.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


It's been a while. Sorry about the lapse.
Did you know that working on the computer in your first trimester of pregnancy could make you feel sea sick??!
I'm now on my 24th week so most of the nausea and overwhelming fatigue is gone. YAY!!
I basically had to take the last several months off.
I'm hoping to start holding workshops again in November.
I was able to do a last minute hosting of several artist's work for the JPP's Washi Summit in June and I have been able to intermittently help with the mounting of an amazing show of contemporary printmakers working in the traditional Japanese style of relief wood block printing. The technique is called Mokuhanga.
All nine contemporary printmakers were students of artist Akira Kurosaki of Kyoto, Japan. Kurosaki sensei's work is also shown.
The nine former students are from several different countries and they all went to Japan to study with Kurosaki san!
It's a beautiful and amazing show! If you are in Toronto between Oct. 3 to Nov. 15 you should check it out. It is at the Japan Foundation at 131 Bloor St. W (just west of Bay St. on the south side) on the second floor of The Collonade. Check our website for more show details.