Sunday, September 14, 2014

Fall Workshops

Yay! I have posted the fall workshop dates! Thankfully Albert has agreed to teach some more workshops so both of us will be teaching and making use of the studio. To see the dates and details click on the tab at the top labelled 'Workshops'.

Now, here are some photos of the wee one that has kept me away from the studio for a while. That is her, below, napping in a photo tray at the studio.

She is very good natured but a bit demanding and loud. Before she was born I had the idea that I would be able to work at the studio while she quietly slept and would just have to take breaks from working for breastfeeding and diaper changes. That was what it was like with my first one! She was so quiet I was actually worried about her at one point! Apparently our first child was not a normal baby. Normal babies cry quite a bit and are a bit more demanding of your time. Not good for working at the studio. I also experienced Post Partum Depression which also wasn't great for getting back to work. My husband took time off of work and this summer I started going back to the studio a bit at a time. Life is a bit more normal and predictable now. Our newborn that cried normally is now 10 months old and now she chatters away non-stop. She even does this while she is sleeping! She is a joy and constant source of amusement to us and her big sister  and starting in November you will probably be able to meet her at the studio!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Working on it!

Not liking the way this blog looks. I'm bored with it! So, I will be playing around with it in the next few days. Please be patient. As many of you already know, I am not a computer person so it may take some time. Hopefully by the end of my messing around there will be information on what has been happening at the studio, the workshops starting in October, and some pics of my new-ish baby!

I leave you with a picture of a broadside created by my friend George Walker that he gave out a great dinner we all attended in at Gord Sisler's place. Yup. That's our mayor.