Monday, April 6, 2009

Getting back into it

Well... I've been thinking of dates to start workshops again. I've been to the studio several times and can now be there without constant sighing. I will not have a booth at this year's Wayzegoose in Grimsby. I do hope to visit though!
I think I will start with some basic letterpress workshops in May.

Since the birth and loss of my son, I have been meeting many other people who have gone through perinatal loss. It is sad that there are SO MANY of us. I now am playing with an idea. One major thing that grieving parents need are tactile objects to help us remember and grieve for our child. There are very few resources for us. Most of them have to do with talking about our loss and sharing our grief. Not fun, but very theraputic and necessary. I thought it would be nice to also get together to create objects to help us remember our babies. Also something necessary but a little bit lighter. I have space and I know how to create and I would really like to share with other involuntary members of this special club that we have found ourselves in...