Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Spring Collective Show

This Saturday May 24th come out and join us at the Spring Collective Show. It's curated and organized by a fellow East Ender! This is it's first year and is happening at St. Matthew's Clubhouse at the south end of Riverdale Park across from The Rooster Cafe on Broadview.
Paintings by Laura Hains, Inked Lily, Margaret Pring, Stace Schmidt, Darlene Swinton
Ceramics by Annette Hansen, Jewellery by Jewelust, Letterpress from KOZO Studio, Hats from Hats by She, Natural sodas from Savannah Naturals and more.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Lately in the studio

First off: new workshop dates for the summer have been updated! We're going to try and offer the Intro workshop on a more consistent basis.

In old news: these pictures were taken from a workshop in February (yes, there have been people working in the studio).

The students were attempting a 2-colour plate. We set up a different colour on the two Vandercook SP-15s we have in the studio.

Running purple for the poinsettia petals
Green for the stems and leaves
Going from one press/colour to the other didn't work out as smoothly as I had envisioned. I ended up giving a crash course on setting gripper bar paper gauges. Now they know how to rotate the sheet counter-clockwise by 1 degree.

Don't laugh, but the student's name is Mimi. Neither of us noticed the type was set backwards - but how could you with I's and M's?
In the end: success!