Friday, March 18, 2016

ABCs of Letterpress Postponed

The ABCs of Letterpress workshop starting in March has been postponed to start on Thursday April 7th. There are still spots left for those who would like to join us!

Other Stuff!
Albert and I have been busy at the studio moving things around, getting rid of stuff and generally trying to make the space flow a bit more. Not sure if we've got it right yet but  we can always tweak it.
Below are some pics of what we've been busy with at the studio in the past few months.

Big new work table that Albert made for the studio! Thanks Albert!! 
My Ladies of Letterpress Swap came in the male a couple of weeks ago!
Nice folio made for all of our broadsides!

Some of the letterpresses goodies inside the folio.
I always love seeing how everyone interprets the project! 
One of my new interns, Pauline, helping me print
this year's Wayzgoose Anthology submission. 
Claro, another intern helped print the
outside of the Wayzgoose Anthology submission.

All Canadian cuts and engravings.

Close up of some of the cuts and engravings in their form.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Some more...

I've added 2 more workshops. They are both Intro. workshops but they each focus on different presses.
Also, please forgive  the wonky formatting of that page. I can set type great by hand but on a computer I am not so talented!

Something of interest below...