Wednesday, January 23, 2008


These are beeyootiful! I can't wait to have a project to try them out on!
I'm not fond of precision registration, but I think the image will make it all worth while!
They were a Christmas present from my husband!

Sorry to be away so long. I injured my hand making Japanese food for New Year's Day. Why does everything have to be cut so fine?! This injury is an extension of my May injury to my right hand, arm and shoulder. Yeesh. When will this go away?! It is also making the Print Artists Anthology Colouring Book project very late because I cannot do alot of the hand binding. I think there will have to be another binding bee.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Woodblock printing workshop with E. Forrest

Japanese Wood Block Printing Workshop

JANUARY 24TH AND 29TH , 6 - 9 PM

We're scheduling a Japanese woodblock workshop over these two evenings and they will essentially be the same content as for the previously advertised nenga jou workshop (* see below). You'll be carving and printing a Japanese (or Chinese) new years card based on the Year of the Mouse or NEZUMI in Japanese. So if you'd like to participate you can start planning a mouse or rat theme for your print.

Rather than be restricted to postcard size, however, I thought I'd introduce making a folded card so you have a bit more room to play with the image and greater latitude for registering your paper.

Your maximum image size will be about 4 x 6 inches for one face of a card,
using washi to print on or 4.5 x 8 if you want to make a single sheet image or anything within those dimensions. I'll bring envelopes so you can be sure they fit.

We will aim for a two colour print - you'll be more likely to accomplish this if you have at least a black and white negative/positive image to start with.

$90/student (plus $10 for washi payable on day of class)

*Every year the Japanese celebrate the New Year by making their own “nenga jo”, or new year’s cards, to send to their friends. Usually the cards depict the animal whose year it is, and nenga jo are remarkable for their range of inventive, personalized images. 2008, will be the Year of the Rat. This animal has a lovely name in Japanese - "nezumi".

Printmaker, Elizabeth Forrest, is offering a 2 day work shop in the Kozo Studio for students to create their own nenga jo to send to relatives and friends.

Bring a cute or scary rat image to the class. After working it into a carve-able design and transferring it to a block, you will carve the image. Students will then learn the basics of Japanese style waterbased printing enabling them to print a series of cards on japanese washi paper.

We have been invited submit them to the International Year of the Rat Exhibition at Proof Gallery!

Registration Information
Payment is by cash, visa or cheque. If you wish to pay in person please call or e-mail me to set up a time to visit the studio. Payment is required upon registration to guarantee a space in the workshop. For more information contact Akemi at KOZO Studio/Gallery or or tel: 416-214-1882