Monday, May 10, 2010


SO, I have an apprentice, Al, that comes and helps me twice a week. We've been sorting through a bunch of old type trays that I got from an old art school acquaintance. This is some of the metal type that had been randomly tossed into the trays along with the fonts whose homes were in those cases. We had been sorting and saving all of the odds and ends fonts to see if they belonged anywhere else - we found a few of them homes but most were lost.

All the type looked so amazing sitting upright on their feet in the box. Random letters and styles pieced together to fit squarely in a shallow seat with all their facees next to each other. We had to think of something to reflect how cool they looked! This is what my apprentice thought of! Yeah, doing it on the computer and having a polymer plate made would be much, much, much easier! But where's the challenge in that!?! It took Al all day to put this together. After he left I spent more time locking it into a chase and then put teeny, tiny leads in to make sure there was no wiggle room for the type. We'll see this week how the proof looks. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we don't have to do too much make ready! Some of the type is 6 pt !!!

Broadsides created by some of the participants of my Letterpress 1 workshop!