Monday, January 30, 2012


Here are some photos from the paper making workshop several weeks ago, as well as from the book binding and letterpress workshops that are ongoing... I had to get people to remind me to take photos!
Next week we start sewing our text blocks together in the book binding workshop and on Tuesday everyone (fingers crossed) in the ABCs of Letterpress class will be printing their one colour broadside on the Vandercook SP15 and learning how that press works.

A freshly pulled sheet of white cotton.

Andrew is adding some found suburban detritus to his pulp before making his sheets.

Andrew's sheet with suburban detritus inclusions (Oo! that sounds  so pretentious!)

Dan peeling his sheets off the felts after pressing. He pulled such nice thin white sheets of
paper that he found using some newsprint pressed onto the damp sheet was helpful in pulling it off the felts for drying.
Andrew laying his cover on his accordion book while Sophie watches.

Cori looking happy with her wee accordion book.

The beginning of Dana's broadside.

Checking out the wood type and metal type before composing broadsides.

Sheila is going to try to set some rules on angles!!

Kerning the wood type.

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