Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Luddite at Heart

Well,  January has started with a crazy rush of workshops and classes...at least for me it's a crazy rush! I LOVE passing on what I know about different aspects of the book arts and watching people get "addicted". Kind of evil of me to be a pusher... but I like the thrill I see in other peoples eyes!
The internet is still not part of my daily thought process. I guess I'm still very much a luddite at heart. I keep forgetting to take pictures!! I had  a wonderful western paper making workshop with Dan and Andrew two weeks ago. I forgot to take photos until close to the end! Sunday's letterpress workshop I brought my camera and totally forgot to take photos of Karen, Vanessa and Lindsey doing their thing! And on Saturday I had part one of four for a book binding workshop and once again forgot to take photos of Sophie, Cori and Andrew's work until the end!
Today is part two of seven for the ABCs of Letterpress class...I have my camera and I will really try to remember to take some photos. I've put the camera on the work table so that I don't forget!
The other thing is that I have to remember to upload?/download? the photos from my camera to the computer!! It was suggested that I get an iPhone because they take great photos, I can immediately post them and I can carry it with me everywhere. I'm thinking about it. Not too keen on the whole idea of carrying a cell phone and texting, though. So far I have been able to pretty much resist that piece of equipment except for when I was pregnant with my son 3 years ago. Being a bit of a luddite, I like having times of people not being able to reach me. It's very peaceful that way!
Oops! 5:44 pm! I better start getting ready for my letterpress class. If I remember to take photos you'll see them soon!

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