Monday, September 27, 2010

Working, working, working!

I've been very busy trying to get stuff ready for the coming fall show that I'm in at the El Mocambo. I have to get everything done before I go on vacation in early October. If I manage to get everything done before the show, it will be a first!! I am always at the studio the night before a show trying to pack and put finishing touches on stuff.  I won't have that luxury for this show, so I'm going to try and be at least a little bit organised. I'll keep you posted on how I do.

Vintage  cowboy cuts that I've letterpress printed onto tags. Cute!

The run of tags I've printed on a flatbed press - hand inked!

I had two Intro. to Letterpress workshops this weekend. I'm SO lucky. The people that take my workshops are such wonderful, kind, creative humans! I tend to go overtime with the workshops if I'm not doing anything afterwards. Both days we went overtime because of too much chatting. All four participants were such interesting people. Saturday's workshop I had two young printmakers. One now works as an archivist and the other spent time in Japan taking an intensive moku hanga workshop!
Sunday's workshop participants were equally interesting. One is in publishing and is thinking of starting her own business and the other is an architect who now lives out on a farm and grows organic produce and is also starting up a business with her farm. She also does catering... I can't wait 'til they start making preserves from their farm. They both worked on pieces to do with their new businesses. We talked a lot about different types of presses and what types of jobs they are best for.

Photos from Sunday's workshop.

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