Saturday, September 11, 2010


 Well, I've finished my post cards for the Post card exchange on L of L. One hundred and twenty five have been sent off to Camille in Wisconsin. She planned and co-ordinated this whole exchange. Thank you Camille!
I have about 20 extra ones that I've kept for special people. Today I gave one to the Coast Papers Retail Outlet guy, Andy. He's so personable, patient and nice! And he knows what they have! But alas, he is leaving to go back to university. We just happened to head over there to pick up some paper on his last day! Best of luck back in university, Andy.

This is the window of my studio. The cool cinema marquee letters are drom a friend of ours who used to work at a movie cinema years ago before THX, Dolby surround sound and digital 3-D. I love the shade of red that they are. In case you don't know, Kozo is the name of the fibre from a type of Mulberry that is used in Japan to make washi paper. It's the fibre I used the most when I apprenticed in Ogawa-machi with artist Richard Flavin.

Walking home from the studio today at around 7 pm the clouds were beautiful. The light was kind of yellow-ish when I looked out the studio window. This was why. The sun was below the major cloud cover and shining on the big fluffy white clouds giving them a golden glow. Magical.

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