Friday, September 24, 2010

Is Gary Oldman in town?

So, yesterday Albert and I were printing away at the studio. I had the front door open so that some fresh air could come into the studio. I left the sign in the window saying "CLOSED" and I put a triangular step stool in the open doorway as a barrier. Towards the end of the afternoon a man sort of awkwardly hops over the low edge of my little stool and stands there looking at stuff.  I ask him, "Can I help you?".  and he says that he was just curious and looking around. I tell him that actually we are closed today and just here to work. The man - who has a British accent - asks what the space is supposed to be. I tell him it's primarily my studio space. He asks if he can look around anyway since he's there and all. The door was open so he just thought he'd come in (and hop the step stool). I mumble something about being closed and needing to work and stand there looking at him... Finally he "Oh. Okay. and goes outside, unchains his bike and rides away.
Then I look at Albert who is saying to me, "You just kicked out Gary Oldman!".
Huh? I guess I can see the similarity (though I couldn't re-focus that quickly on the man since I was looking at cuts up close) but I don't think Gary Oldman is in town and I don't think he'd be riding a bike in south Riverdale Chinatown. The British man was dressed well, but casual and kind of wrinkle-y. Nope. It wasn't him, was it? Well, I was polite! But Albert says I still didn't let Gary Oldman look around and I should have since he's famous.
"He probably thinks you're an A**.
Nooo! But I was polite and there was a step stool, a closed sign and my sign that says "OPEN HOURS..."!!
Should I have let someone stay when I just wanted to work?!
Was I mean to Gary Oldman?!
Uh-oh. Will this be years of bad Karma?...

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Anonymous said...

Gary is plotting his revenge...