Saturday, December 8, 2007


The type all locked in for printing the cover.

Kathleen printing the covers because my arm can't handle it , yet. Thank you Kathleen!

Finished! Covers (of many colours) printed, dry and ready for binding.

It's been a hectic couple of weeks!
I've been busy with several projects that I have on the go, the OCAD Book Arts Fair, the Nanotacular at Nanopod Studio on Harbord St. and teaching. By far the largest project is this Anthology of (Canadian) Printmakers Colouring Book that I am creating. 31 artists have donated hand pulled prints (relief, intaglio and serigraphy) in an edition of 75. They are being hand bound into 75 limited edition books that will be sold for $300.00! The money from the sale of the books go to the OCAD Printmaking Dept. and the Artists Health Centre Foundation at Toronto Western Hospital.
Sounds like a lot of $$$ doesn't it? I worked it out. $300.00 divided by 31 artists means that it is less than $10.00 a print! Not so expensive when you think about it that way! We'll also be doing a mass produced and bound version that is not editioned. It'll sell for about $25.00 and this money will also be for OCAD and the AHCF.
Tomorrow we start binding the limited edition books by hand!

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