Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Half Way!

Hand pulled prints from artists across Canada

Ken, Alex and I collated all the editions of prints to make 75 limited edition artists books.

Clamped for binding!

I spent last weekend at my studio, KOZO, with Ken and Alex collating and binding the Anthology of Artists' Colouring Book. It took two full days and it's still not finished. This weekend we'll be binding them and adding the book cloth to the spines. If anyone in the Toronto area wants to come and help on Sat. and/or Sunday between 11 am and 6 pm, come on down!

Next I have to find someone to mass print them in black and white and tape bind them! Anyone out there have any ideas?
This unlimited edition will probably be the one most people buy and colour in. I know I can't even think of colouring these original prints! Sacrilege!

I've also spent some "down time" at the Nanotacular held at my friend Tosca's studio, Nanopod! She has such a cool space. I love her aesthetics for her space. So organic and complete! The rest of my "down time" has been spent at Soma sipping Daves' Mayan hot chocolate and helping to tie ribbons and cut labels for their Holiday orders. Yup! I work for really good chocolate! For some reason I really enjoy doing packaging and cutting at Soma more than I do at my own studio! I think it's the energy there. Lots of genuinely friendly staff that emit good vibes, and loud quirky music to work to. At my studio it's normally just me by my lonesome - boo hoo! Or maybe it's because I'm surrounded by chocolate over there!

12:15 am. Well, it looks like I can actually get to sleep early tonight!

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