Monday, May 19, 2014

Lately in the studio

First off: new workshop dates for the summer have been updated! We're going to try and offer the Intro workshop on a more consistent basis.

In old news: these pictures were taken from a workshop in February (yes, there have been people working in the studio).

The students were attempting a 2-colour plate. We set up a different colour on the two Vandercook SP-15s we have in the studio.

Running purple for the poinsettia petals
Green for the stems and leaves
Going from one press/colour to the other didn't work out as smoothly as I had envisioned. I ended up giving a crash course on setting gripper bar paper gauges. Now they know how to rotate the sheet counter-clockwise by 1 degree.

Don't laugh, but the student's name is Mimi. Neither of us noticed the type was set backwards - but how could you with I's and M's?
In the end: success!

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