Sunday, April 4, 2010

Some of the things I've been making.

3 basic stab-bound books with covers made of my handmade rag papers.

Top: one of my experimental books with leather laces incorporated into the spine and fore edge. The cover material is Japanese washi that I decorated using pigmented paste.
Bottom: a detail of the spine.

I started making these for friends! Collaged papers adhered to a glass front, edged in copper with an ultrasuede back (so that it feels soft against the skin).

Some of my letterpress cards.
The images are a combination of vintage metal cuts and old wood type. I print them on the Vandercook or my Showcard flatbed press. Polymer plates aren't part of my repertoire . I'm a bit of a Luddite, so I can't create the vector files needed to have polymer plates of new images produced!

A rainbow of my handmade rag papers sewn together for a book.

A small pillow book covered in silk for your little secrets.

A large album with a fuzzy heart and dragonfly pendant sewn onto a pink burlap cover.

The deckle edges some of my handmade rag papers.

Some books.
Top: concertina book covered in Japanese washi decorated using a paste resist method.
Middle: book with exposed stitches through the spine. The cover is more of my handmade paper made with a mix of cotton pulp and kozo fibre. There is a button sewn on the front and a cord to tie the book closed.
Bottom: book has exposed stitching and a cover made of card stock letterpress printed with an assortment of vintage cuts. The cord cinching stitches on the spine is also used for tying the book closed.


MarissaDW said...

I see you've been a busy bee. That's a good thing. Would love to take your workshops. And I still have to pick up my stash from the "Market".

A. Nishidera said...

Yeah. I'm trying to keep busy at the studio.
I'm pretty much there every Friday and Saturday afternoon from 2 - 6 pm if you want to drop by!
Maybe when the weather gets brighter!

Julia Z said...

wow the books look AMAZING!!!!!!!!!
can I drop by one friday? Oh, I started a blog. it isn't very exciting yet. But I thought of you when I was in Grimsby a few weeks ago, for the hawk watch :)


Jennifer said...

Gorgeous! I love everything you've shown. Makes me itch to get creative.

A. Nishidera said...

Thanks for the compliments you guys!

Julia, yes, please drop by one Friday!!! I'm at the studio between 2 and 6 pm! I usually get there earlier to putter!