Thursday, October 9, 2008


It's been a while. Sorry about the lapse.
Did you know that working on the computer in your first trimester of pregnancy could make you feel sea sick??!
I'm now on my 24th week so most of the nausea and overwhelming fatigue is gone. YAY!!
I basically had to take the last several months off.
I'm hoping to start holding workshops again in November.
I was able to do a last minute hosting of several artist's work for the JPP's Washi Summit in June and I have been able to intermittently help with the mounting of an amazing show of contemporary printmakers working in the traditional Japanese style of relief wood block printing. The technique is called Mokuhanga.
All nine contemporary printmakers were students of artist Akira Kurosaki of Kyoto, Japan. Kurosaki sensei's work is also shown.
The nine former students are from several different countries and they all went to Japan to study with Kurosaki san!
It's a beautiful and amazing show! If you are in Toronto between Oct. 3 to Nov. 15 you should check it out. It is at the Japan Foundation at 131 Bloor St. W (just west of Bay St. on the south side) on the second floor of The Collonade. Check our website for more show details.

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