Sunday, June 1, 2008

Washi, washi, washi!

It's almost here!
We'll be hosting an exhibition, workshop and lecture!
The times and other info are on the side bar.
Tomorrow I'm meeting with Sheila to figure out what artwork should hang in which gallery. It will be the first art show I have had at KOZO! I've bought a picture hanging system for the show. I'm hoping to host more art shows in the future.

The workshop is Suminagashi. It's a japanese marbling technique where sumi ink is floated on water. This works excellently when you use light washi to pick up the pattern on. I find making the pattern on the water to be absolutely mesmerizing. The marbled papers were originally used as backgrounds for wood block prints and calligraphy. But they are great for bookbinding, cardmaking, origami, etc.

The lecture is a lecture that I gave at the Ontario Spinners and Weavers conference last fall. I taght myself how to put together a power point presentation! So, aside from me talking about how washi is made, why it's an awesome paper, and it's multitude of uses in the textile arts, there will also be tons of visuals! I was able to convert my video and slides from my three years apprenticing in Japan!

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