Friday, April 4, 2008

Don Black Linecasting trip

The group that I took to see Craig at Don Black Linecasting were great! A really interesting group of people! I think a good and informative time was had by all.
Craig Black was awesome! He let everyone cast type on the C4 Intertype and on the Ludlow (my husband helped manage the Ludlow). People could take their time and really look around. I bought a small case of wood furniture, another person bought a platen press, my friend bought a tray of foundry type...I think almost everyone bought something from Craig. I hope we didn't frazzle him too much.
Yup! It's a letterpress candy store! And it's in Toronto! Yay!

Craig talking to some of the group.

Typing at the Intertype machine

Looks scary?

Matrices about to be cast.

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