Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Alphabet broadside that my 6 year old helped me print for her class visit.

Hand bound guest book that I was commissioned to do for a wedding. The bird is a vintage cut that I letterpress printed for the cover.

aw man!
I've hurt my wrist and arm again by trying to set type and print.
One piece of lead type, not so heavy.
A whole title, very heavy.
I need to print the covers for the Printmakers Colouring Book project but I keep hurting my arm.
You never know how much you use your dominant arm and hand until you aren't supposed to use it!
For all those young artisits out there, TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY WHILE YOU ARE YOUNG. The arts are full of JOB HAZARDS! As an artist, if you can't use your arm, leg, eyes, ears, etc. you lose not just your carreer and income, but something that helps to make your life full.
My physiotherapist at the Artists Health Centre Foundation has told me that our bodies stop healing well after the age of 25! Why didn't they tell us about this in art school! I haven't been able to create in almost 6 months! I'm going insane!
It's very frustrating. I think my arm is better so I try to work and then I hurt it again. If I had just totally NOT used my arm for a whole month or two, it would probably be healed by now. On the good side, I'm learning patience and how to take care of myself physically. Better late than never!

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