Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Letterpress workshop

Yay! My Intro to Letterpress workshop is full!
Now, I just have to figure out when I can start opening the studio to the public at regular hours. I've got a list of artists whose work I would like to sell for the holidays. I'm hoping to focus the retail aspect of KOZO to all things letterpress, hand bound books, printmaklers prints and hand made paper and art. I have a list of makers and artists I'd like to carry. Is it too ambitious? I don't know. Time and my exploding brain will tell.

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brian foot said...

Thanks Kozo for a Kool Letterpress two days. Certainly new found respect for the time, effort and sensitivity that goes into making letterpress art.

Had a great arts weekend with some new fun folk...

look forward to more in the future.